Sunday, 22 September 2013

Java fern "Red"

I've heard talk previously about Java fern 'Red'. What I found on the net typically said that Java fern 'Red' originally comes from Thailand; whilst Tropica, an aquatic plants supplier in Germany, also have this species in cultivation. I've seen many Java ferns growing in the wild but most of them are just the common Microsorum pteropus, but not this one! Its' leaves are a little bit narrow and longer, with a touch of redness on the tips. The size is probably about 1 to 1.5 feet long. Surprisingly, it grows vigorously even though fully exposed to sunlight, unlike many common Microsorum species where they are usually found in shade and in high humidity on the edge of streams. I spotted just two places today where these species were growing... and it was in the same stream! Here are the pics!

I put this one in my tank!

the redness is possibly because of the exposure to full sunlight

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  1. Well how did this red java fern do in your aquarium - did it keep any of the red coloring? Thanks for an update.