Wednesday, 25 September 2013

2 footer Planted Tank

Just about 25 days after set up. This is an old tank that sat at the balcony previously. Now, here it is:

Tank size : 60cm x 30cm x 30cm
Lighting system : T4 day light (6400K) = 2 x 20w
CO2 : Diy CO2
Substrate : Dirt (Clay+bake soil+Laterites+ 2 years old Daz planted  soil) capped with gravel
Plants : Microsrum pteropus, Microsorum pterous 'red', Marsilea hirsuta, Cabomba furcata, Hygrophila difformis, Ottelia alismoides, Taxiphyllum barbeiri, Taxiphyllum sp, Vesicularia dubayana, Vesicularia montagnei

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