Monday, 7 May 2012


Left my tank about 2 weeks, as I went visit my dad in Pahang. Its not so wonderful there as raining almost everyday, but I did made a short trip to the jungle about 60KM from his place. As usual, he's interested in joining me . The road is quite narrow and it pissing down that morning too.. I hate driving in such situation! Well, he paid for the After coming back from Pahang, this is how my tank doing.. Jeez!! really need a "haircut"!!
the stream

mostly java fern & crypt. affinis

after 2 weeks abandoned

now after trimming and re-scape bit

some H. polysperma 'sunset'

nice pinky colour ;-)

current tank


Found this Limnophila sp near the stream. In my life, I never keep this species.. so I don't know much about it. They looks great in their natural habitat, good for mid-ground plant I think?
Limnophila sp


some unknown species

very popular terrarium plant (trichomanes javanicum)
Trichomanes javanicum - normally sold in LFS as an aquarium plants. If you ever thinking about getting this in your aquarium, I suggest you -- forget it!! as it ain't going to survive in your tank. Spare your cash for something elses !
unknown species


some fishing