Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I was in a palm oil plantation collecting Java moss during the afternoon around 5pm .. been busy looking around without realising what I'd stepped on .. & I saw these black little insects creeping on the ground where I stood. I didn't know then what they were.. after a couple of steps on that area.. I felt my feet being nipped and it was so freakin sore.. I was in a panic and ran a couple of steps and saw more than 3-4 these black insects on my feet. I tried getting rid of them by brushing them of but their claws were left stuck in my feet, so I had to pull them out.. then I saw blood.. euwww!! ..  So I took these pics. Later on, I searched on the net about these insects. They are Macrotermes carbonarius - a termite that can be found in South East Asia.  So, next time you are on a field-trip or in the jungle, wear proper protection on your feet and watch out for these nasty little buggers ;-P
You can get more info at this link: termite-macrotermes-carbonarius

Macrotermes sp

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