Plants For Sale

Here are the plants that I have available for sale at the moment. As well as serving the Malaysian market, I ship worldwide; whilst international shipping can take up to around 10 days depending on your location and the exact timing, most plants will survive such a transit period. Payment can be made via PayPal or online bank transfer; after verification thereof, the order will be dispatched and a tracking code issued.  Please email me at with your requirements, or call/sms to my number +6019-5506710 with any questions or concerns. 

Marselia Hirsuta (RM12.00)

Anubias Barteri XL (RM18.00)

Anubias nana (RM15.00)

Bolbitis heudoloti (RM24.00)

Microsorum pteropus-Java Fern (RM14.00)

Pellia moss (RM10.00)

Subwassertang moss (RM12.00)

Fessiden moss (RM12.00)

Java Moss (RM10.00)

Microsorum pteropus (mini) (RM10.00)

Crytocoryne Affinis (RM10.00)


  1. Hi,

    do you have ur own shop. Thanks!

  2. hi The fissiden.. is it submerged or emerged?