Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Vesicularia montagnei - Christmas moss & semi aquatic Aroids

A day out last week was had in a famous rafting and kayaking spot in Kedah. It's  a very nice cascade with very strong moving crystal clear water. This place is always busy during weekends and public holidays; there's also camping activities by the likes of groups of families and kids! Anyway, that's not what I'm about to focus on here :P  ... instead, it is my curiosity about aquatic plants growing in the area. It has been almost 4 years since I was there last, and I can say it has changed a lot!

A view from a tree-top canopy walk

Vesicularia montagnei

emersive Vesicularia montagnei

Vesicularia montagnei - Christmas moss

Christmas moss growing on wet land

Been on the lookout for Christmas moss and was pleased to find some; but my experience with keeping Christmas moss is that they take time to adjust from emersive form to submerged, probably taking about a month. Growth is a little bit slower than other moss species. The Christmas tree shape  appears to vary depending on your lights and the temperature of the water.

semi aquatic aroids

sometimes they will be submerged in the water when the level is quite high

fast moving water
Trust it is not as long as 4 years before I next revisit this area!

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