Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Java fern melts

Noticed my java fern melted or burned in my tank today.  It doesn't surprise me at all as it happened  previously. The symptoms seem to come and go. Stopped injecting co2 about a week ago. I heard some people saying it has to do with nutrient deficiencies (advice which is full of technicalities), and some says it's disease, etc. Oh off course, I didn't bury the rhizoms, as I tied it to the driftwood. It's also infected my Echinodorus tellenus. I did a water change, and trimmed all the leaves until they were bald! It sounds a bit extreme, but that's what I did.

these infected leaves of java fern disease or nutrient deficiencies whatever you call it, will spread quickly in 1 night. Remove all the leaves that have been infected as much as you can. Don't worry about your precious green leaves, (sounds a bit disappointing) they will grow back over a time. be patient !

trim the leaves as much as possible esp. on the infected area

This is how i did it to my Java fern. It was bushy previously but now its ...... hmm..  will update this in due course !

UPDATE: Found out that this Java fern melt happen when my Ph is around 6.0 . Try to control your Ph in your tank between 4.0 - 5.5 is the best.

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