Thursday, 14 November 2013

2 Footer Tank Update (November 2013)

Here are some update of my 2 footer planted tank at the moment. Plants keep growing and growing, esp. my mosses. But, I noticed some fluffy slime green algae on it. Will keep you update on the next post. I saw my pregnant Ghost Shrimps actually hatched the eggs, but not seen any fry though!

Side view of Ghost Shrimp


Ghost Shrimp scavenging on the Christmas moss

Christmas moss in growing stage


  1. where u get all that plants..

  2. Do you come by any bucephalandra?

    1. I don't have Bucephalandra, but you can try "Aridarum nicolsonii" which is same as Buce family. Grow just like Anubias in your tank but a little slower.