Tuesday, 13 December 2011

PELLIA (Monosolenium tenerum) ??

I'm not sure if this Pellia plant is Monosolenium tenerum or Endiviifolia, but they do look similar. I never tried to keep this in my tank, as - with the plant twisting and making it difficult to tell its topside from its underside- it can be quite hard to successfully tie on to driftwood. I did however, prove some of this type of Pellia was aquatic by keeping it in a plastic container for 2 weeks ... and it appeared to be growing nicely, sending out new shoots & spores.  These pics are of an  emersive form.


  1. Hi,
    notice that in tank, we use Monosolenium tenerum which is considered as synonym of Pellia endiviifolia. The two plants are the

  2. Hi Thanks for your reply.. yes, the one i used in my tank usually i found in the wet land, out of waters :)